Stroke Drugs: What They Are and How They Work

Stroke Drugs

Stroke or known as ischemic stroke is a condition when your brain function is disrupted as a result of inadequate blood flow to the brain. There are several factors that can contribute to a stroke, but all of them lead to a cut-off oxygen supply to the brain. Then, what kind of drugs or medications used to treat this serious health problem?

Stroke Drugs
Stroke Drugs

Common Drugs Used to Help Treat Stroke

The drugs utilized to treat stroke normally work in dissimilar ways. Some of them work by breaking up the existing blood clots while other help preventing the blood clots to form in your blood vessels. Then, some drugs may work to adjust cholesterol and blood pressure that has an effect to the blood flow. And these are the common drugs that are usually used.

·        Anticoagulants

Anticoagulants are kind of drugs that are used to keep your blood from clotting effortlessly by interfering with the process of blood clotting. These drugs are usually used to prevent ischemic strokes and also TIAs, a smaller stoke condition. These drugs are also common to be prescribed for people who have a heart attack or people with irregular heartbeats and artificial heart valves.

·        Antiplatelet Drugs

Antiplatelets drugs such as aspirin and clopidogrel can be utilized to prevent blood clots too. In this case, they work by making it harder for platelets to stick together which is known as the first step in blood clots formation. Similar to anticoagulants, these drugs are commonly prescribed on regular basis for those who have ischemic stroke or a heart attack.

·        Statins

Statins are actually a drug that aims to reduce high level of cholesterol. Since high level of cholesterol is usually linked to the culprit of stroke, taking a medication that can reduce cholesterol level is usually taken into account as well. It usually aims to lower the risk of plaque and also to prevent TIAs and also heart attacks which are affected by clogged arteries.

Stroke Drugs
Stroke Drugs

Other Medications to Help Treat Stroke

In addition to the prescribed drugs by your doctor, there are some hobby that might reduce stress and also herbal supplements that can help you to deal with this issue by improving your blood circulation. One of the alternative medications that you can consider is to take Indian ginseng which offer high antioxidant property which can prevent and treat stroke. Moreover, there are other remedies such as turmeric, bilberry and garlic too.