Natural Medicines for Cancer

Natural Medicines for Cancer

There are many kinds of diseases in the world. Some of them don’t exist in the past, but they exist in the future. Well, cancers are one of the examples. Some of them can be cured, and some of them don’t. However, we can prevent it by keeping ourselves healthy and staying away from certain kinds of foods. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about natural medicines for cancer.

Natural Medicines for Cancer
Natural Medicines for Cancer

Soursop Leaves

One of the medicines that you can get from nature to prevent cancer is a soursop leaf. Why? Because soursop leaves contain a substance called annonaceous acetogenins. This substance has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. That makes soursop leaves used to treat cancers.


The second in the list of natural medicines for cancer is garlic. Garlic is a tuber plant that contains a substance that is able to bind sulfur. This plant can slow the growth of cancer cells, increasing the efficiency of the detoxification process, and improving our body immunity.

Before we consume garlic, it is best to peel it cleanly. You can also burn the garlic, so you can chew it easily. The benefits of garlic are not just to prevent cancer, but it can also be used to reduce fever and other diseases.

Green Tea

Green tea is well-known as a natural medicine because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Of course, these antioxidants can help us to prevent or give treatment to cancer. However, the consumption of green tea is advised as side medicine. Other than the antioxidants, green tea also contains polyphenol substances that can fight against tumors and cancer cells.

Natural Medicines for Cancer
Natural Medicines for Cancer


Turmeric is one of the most famous cooking ingredients, especially in Asia. Well, as information, this turmeric can also prevent cancers because it contains antioxidants and anti-cancer substances.

The effectiveness of turmeric has been approved by health experts. Before consuming turmeric, it is best to process it as an herbal drink (Jamu). Drinking a turmeric herbal drink and playing Idnplay poker routinely can help your body against cancer cells so they won’t spread or grow.


Instead of fruit or tuber-like plants, Echinacea is a kind of flower. Usually, they are used as a decorative flower. However, apparently, it can be used as a natural medicine to treat or prevent cancers.

It is impossible to consume a flower-like plant. What we need is an extract or the processed one. Yeah, an Echinacea supplement is what we need. Usually, it was processed as a capsule-form vitamin or a bag of tea powders that were ready to be brewed. You can find this Echinacea supplement in a nearby apothecary in your area, or you can order it online through the internet.

Well, that is the end of the list of natural medicines for cancer. Until now, scientists and doctors still can’t find a cure for cancers. They only can give treatment to stop the cells from growing or spreading.