Must-Known Accepted Drugs Used to Treat Cancer

Accepted Drugs Used to Treat Cancer

Stay as one of the deadliest health issues, cancer can occur on both man and woman. Prostate cancer is known as common disease for man while breast and cervical cancer become every woman’s concern. Even though it is quite difficult to eliminate cancer completely, there are some familiar treatments that are taken to manage this problem. Keep reading to discover more.

Accepted Drugs Used to Treat Cancer
Accepted Drugs Used to Treat Cancer

Must-Known Drugs Approved to Treat Certain Cancer

While many people who are infected with certain kind of cancer have surgery to take away the cancer cell, there are some drugs which are used along with the surgery treatment as well as other treatments like chemotherapy. Depending on the type of cancer, there will be different kind of drugs apply. Here are some drugs that you must discern at this point.

·        Drugs for Breast Cancer

When it comes to breast cancer, Trastuzumab is known as the best-selling drugs used to treat this disease. In addition to breast cancer, this drug is also being calculated in other kinds of cancer treatments. Other than Trastuzumab, there are some accepted drugs that are used to cure breast cancer as well such as Anastrozole, Femara, Cepecitabine, Aredia, Afinitor and Ellence.

·        Drugs for Prostate Cancer

For prostate cancer which becomes a common man’s health concern, there is drug called Abiraterone which is frequently used to treat the problem. This drug is approved to be used along with prednisone to treat prostate cancer which has metastasized or spread to the other elements of body. It is usually employed in patients whose sickness is castration defiant or is castration and high-risk responsive.

·        Drugs for Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is another type of cancer that woman needs to watch out. There are a few drugs that are used to prevent and cure cervical cancer. When it comes to the treatment, some drugs include Bleomycin, Avastin, Hycamtin, Keytruda, Pembrolizumab and Bevacisumab are approved to be utilized for treating cervical cancer. To prevent, some vaccine including Cervari and Gardasil are generally used.

Drugs for Cervical Cancer
Drugs for Cervical Cancer

Other Common Treatments for Cancer

In addition to the use of drugs on therapy to deal with cancer, there are some other effective treatments that can be taken into consideration on fighting this health issue. Performing a healthy lifestyle that can lessen the risk of cancer is extremely essential at this point. You may need to cut off your alcohol intake, stop smoking and make exercises as a habit.