Common Health Issues in Today’s Modern Life: The Reasons and Impact

common Health Issues

Modern life is great. You get to enjoy many things. Technology is really helpful in our daily lives and activities. But at the same time, such a modern lifestyle would lead to some negative impact, such as health issues. You have to admit that modernity has both positive and also negative impact. No wonder if there are some common health problems that are associated with modern life.

Diabetes and Obesity

Diabetes and obesity weren’t common in the past. People back then were still physically active and their options for foods weren’t as many as today. Unlike today, people would have to use the bike or walk to travel. Now, they can even use a hoverboard when they don’t feel like cycling, or sit down all day playing bola 88. Yes, it is nice to step on the machine and let it take you to places. But then again, it takes toll on your health as you aren’t as physically active as you should have.

Health Issues
Common Health Issues , obesity

Computers, machines, and robots are truly helpful. Instead of sweeping and mopping the house, now you have an automatic robot to do it. Instead of having to make your own dough, you have a machine to do it so you won’t have to mix or beat it. But then again, the technology can make you lazy. Instead of putting your muscles into work or sweating, now you only need to press a button and enjoy the result. Yes, it is nice but it isn’t good for your health. Physical inactivity and laziness is the time bomb waiting to explode.

Not to mention that foods today are laden with unhealthy fats and sugar – other factors that contributes to physical well-being. When you combine inactivity and sugary unhealthy foods packed with cholesterol, no wonder if obesity and overweight becomes common problems today. Not to mention that they can lead to other health problems such as diabetes type 2, hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, respiratory issues, and cancers.

Nutrition and Physical Activity

They are still related to the previous section in terms that more and more people neglect their condition since the young age. Physical inactivity was usually related to aging and old age, but as the world is becoming more modern, the lazier people become. Today’s youth prefer spending most of their times at home for watching TV, playing games, or hooking up to their phones. In the past, people were more active and they enjoyed outdoor activities – something that is becoming rare even with the small kids.

Nutrition and Physical Activity
Nutrition and Physical Activity

And as people become busier, they tend to find easier ways to meet their requirements. Instead of cooking, they prefer buying fast foods. Instead of taking the stairs, they prefer the lift or elevator. Instead of walking, they prefer driving or using devices like the hoverboard – devices where they don’t have to break a sweat.

Drug Abuse

Modernity isn’t always easy. It can also lead to a stressful life full of pressure. And people tend to take the easy way out: they turn to drugs. Drugs to help them more energized. Drugs to help them calmer and happier. Drugs to ease off their worries or pains. And it usually escalates real quickly – and you will need a professional help to deal with it in the end.

Drug Abuse
Common Health Issues, Drug Abuse

It is safe to say that you can’t take things for granted. Just because technology and modern life brings some comfort in life, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your own health and well-being. The key is a balanced lifestyle and you need to make a priority.