Common Drugs Prescribed for Someone with Kidney Disease

Treat Kidney Disease

It’s no doubt that kidney disease has become one of the major health problems for both woman and man. It is something that can occur on you regardless what your sex is. When it happens, you and your physician will manage it together. The treatment usually aims to slow down the risk factor so that your kidneys are still able to do their jobs properly.

Treat Kidney Disease
Treat Kidney Disease

3 Common Drugs Prescribed to Treat Kidney Disease

To deal with the problem, your doctor may prescribe you some drugs that can control and treat the kidney disease. However, when your kidneys cannot work as they are supposed to be, you may need to take dialysis, playing at situs judi online, a treatment which filters and purifies your blood using a machine. When you take a dialysis, here are some common drugs that your doctor may prescribe.

·        Erythropoietin

Most patients with renal disease or kidney disease who are on dialysis treatment have anemia. It occurs when a patient has a low number of red blood cells. In this case, erythropoietin is a hormone that is responsible to keep a normal red blood cell. Most kidney disease patients on dialysis will have this drug by injection to control normal red blood cell.

·        Active Vitamin D

Those who have chronic kidney disease are likely to experience bone mineral loss including phosphorus and calcium. Active vitamin D, in this case, is used to control the balance of phosphorus, PTH and calcium. However, when someone is on kidney or renal failure, their body cannot get the natural vitamin D which makes oral medication is effective to control the balance.

·        B-Complex Vitamin and Folic Acid

The dialysis treatment is likely to remove high amount of water-soluble vitamins like B-complex vitamins and folic acid. When a healthy kidney diet is able to keep up the losses, a lot people on this treatment doesn’t have an appetite. As a result, oral drugs of a B-complex vitamin and folic acid are a good choice for kidney disease patient who is on dialysis.

Treat Kidney Disease
Treat Kidney Disease

Medications to Avoid for People with Kidney Disease

When you have a kidney disease and your kidneys cannot work well, you absolutely need to talk to your doctor before you have any medication including over-the-counter drugs. When you have kidney disease, your doctor may recommend you to avoid particular pain relievers like ibuprofen, aspirin, celecoxib and naproxen. You need to check with your doctor for any medical choice you’ll take.